Stan courses: Alaska in August, Paris in September

I’m teaching two Stan short courses in the next month. We’ve been getting requests to teach these courses more frequently and it’s always good to introduce more people to Stan.

Anchorage. 8/23-24

This is a two-day short course organized by the Alaska chapter of the ASA. I’ll cover Stan and RStan with a slight focus on wildlife examples. For information and registration: ASA Alaska Chapter

Paris. 9/19-21

Me, Michael, and Bob are teaching a three-day short course on Stan with a focus on phamacometrics. Over the past two years, we’ve really extended Stan’s capabilities and now we’re able to specify models with ordinary differential equations (ODE) in the Stan language. Using an ODE to specify the model is still slower than an analytic solution, but it does allow users to write general compartment models more naturally in the Stan language.

A lot of this work has been inspired and done by our collaborator Sebastian Weber at Novartis Pharma. He’s really driving a lot of the insights, code, and capabilities.

There’s still time to register for the course.

Paris. 9/22

In addition to the short course, there’s a workshop on Bayesian Pharamcometric models. This one’s free! Register.

If you’re going to be at any of these events and want to talk, please reach out. I’m always happy talking Stan or stats in general.