Tonight at DTUT, 8-10 PM

I’m back at DTUT (1744 2nd Ave) tonight. 8-10 PM. Come through, hang out.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Dilla lately, so I’ll definitely be playing some stuff by Dilla, some collaborations, and other things influenced by his production. And lots of other stuff too. It’s been busy with the rebrand of our company, Generable, and putting in a lot of work.

If you want to hear some live recordings, stream here.

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I rely on a lot of tools to get by. Here are some of the ones I stand by.

Statistical modeling


I’m biased towards Stan, but for good reason. Here are a few that come to mind:

  • It’s currently in active development.
  • Stan is its own language with its own grammar and it makes sense, thanks to Bob Carpenter.
  • There are models that I am interested that can’t be expressed in other high-level languages (including PyMC3 and TensorFlow).
  • Communication of statistical models is unambiguous. You can contrast that with BUGS / JAGS where it’s unclear what are data and what are parameters.
  • Debugging is pretty straightforward.
  • It’s fast when you need it to be.

Don’t get me wrong: Stan isn’t perfect. There’s still a lot of room for improvement, but it’s the best tool for statistical models that matter at the moment.

Honorable mention

PyMC3. If you’re completely pythonic, this is probably the tool for you.


Text / Code editor

I’ve been using Emacs since 1996. I can’t shake it. I’ve tried moving to other text editors and IDEs. I always come back.

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Wednesday at DTUT

I’m djing at DTUT (1744 2nd Ave) on Wednesday, February 1, from 7 - 10 PM.

It’ll be me and my QFO rocking funk and hip hop for a few hours. These past few weeks have been crazy and awesome:

  • Stan Conference 2017 was amazing. We had over 150 people show up to support the statistical modeling language I’ve been working on for the last 5 years. If you want to see video, check out Youtube.
  • Stan Group, which I’m the CTO and founder, is in the Techstars NYC Winter 2017 class. We’re out to bring more visibility to Stan.

Hope to see some of you at DTUT on Wednesday.

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Recordings Moved

My live mixes are now hosted on SoundCloud. They were all recorded live with no editing. I really need to go back and balance out the sound at some point; levels in a live venue when you’re running your own sound is variable.

Oh yeah, and with all things live, there are mistakes and I do get warm after about 20 minutes in.

P.S. The old host, Mixcrate, was taken down. Hopefully SoundCloud is stable.

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DJing on Thursday, 10/6, at DTUT

I’m djing at DTUT on Thursday from about 6 - 9 pm. It’s been a while. I’m planning to play funk and stuff from my childhood. It’ll get weird!

Here’s the Facebook event, if you’re into that type of stuff.

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