Rent Party. 3/25.

Rent Party. 3/25. Broadway Dive

It’s been a while since I’ve had a gig. Been a little preoccupied with Stan, moving, a renovation, and a whole slew of other things. DJ Dalkesh asked me to do a guest spot at his monthly Rent Party at Broadway Dive on the Upper West Side.

Funk, soul, and hip hop all night. (good thing too… I don’t have the chops any more to do anything else.) Come through. It’ll be fun.

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Map of Nu Delta Alumni - Part 2

I found Plotly’s capability to be a bit lacking, so I spend another couple hours updating the map. Since creating the original data set, more alums have chimed in, so they’ve been included.

I have a new version written in Leaflet for R. This package is just as easy to use as Plotly, but with more options.

Peter Lee (2013) pointed me to CartoDB and I got my first proptype working there in 5 minutes, but it didn’t have enough control. It looks like the underlying Leaflet package drives CartoDB.

Nu Delts

Ideally, there would be a slider for years. For now, each year is in its own group.

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Map of Nu Delta Alumni

Recently, there’s been an email thread with Nu Delta alumni going back to 1956 checking in from different geographic locations.

I took an hour, grabbed the data, and put people on a map. (It took me longer to enter the data and figure out how to embed the image than the actual work.)

Nu Delts

Sorry the map is a little clunky. This my first time using Plotly.

Edit: Looks like there are some bugs in Plotly showing the text. It works with Firefox. I’ll look into a different plotting package when I have some time.

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